The Real Thing for Less than $5. Preppy – The best selling fountain pen in the world.

日本語の記事はコチラ(An original article was written by Maki.)

Fountain pens are growing in popularity, but many people still think that they are expensive and difficult to use. To those who are scared of fountain pens, I would like you to give the Preppy a try.

The Preppy is inexpensive but amazing!

The Preppy is a legitimate fountain pen produced by the well known pen manufacturer, Platinum Pen Co., LTD… which you would expect to be expensive, but is actually very reasonable at only 200 yen ($3 – $5 in the US). Of course, it doesn’t look as classy as an expensive fountain pen, but for how well it writes for it’s price, all I can say is — Wow.

One of the more notable features of the Preppy is that the ink flows immediately upon use, even when it hasn’t been used for awhile. Most fountain pens become unusable if you don’t use them for 3 – 6 months because the ink dries out. That is one of the pain-points of fountain pens, but the Preppy has a special feature that prevents the ink from drying even after a whole year of non-use. This is thanks to the innovative “Slip & Seal” feature developed by Platinum, which creates an airtight seal for the nib when it is capped. If you think about it, it is pretty radical that Platinum has solved one of the most common problems that plagues every fountain pen user, and has put it in their LOWEST PRICED Preppy line.

By conquering both the price hurdle and the maintenance burden, the Preppy can be called the perfect beginner’s pen that overcomes all of the barriers that keep people away from the world of fountain pens.

Want cute? There is even a Hello Kitty version!

Aside from the conventional styles, the Preppy also comes in special Hello Kitty versions.

These pens perform just like a regular Preppy, but have the added benefit of being very cute. The extra design more than doubles the price of the pen (450 yen), but has touches throughout the pen that make it very special. Not only is the barrell sprinkled with images of Hello Kitty, but there is a crystal-like figurine that is integrated with the ink cartridge!

A converter makes the color selection limitless!

The pen comes in 7 colors (EF nibs only support 3). The colors range from the traditional black and blue black, to the more playful red, yellow, and pink. Makes you want to try them all!
Once you use up the ink in your cartridge, you can swap-in any standard Platinum cartridge and continue using it for a long time, just like any other fountain pen. You can even use a standard Platinum converter! (Though the converter will cost more than the pen itself….)

An everyday fountain pen for anybody

When you have an expensive fountain pen, you may end up not using it much because you keep pushing it off waiting for an “appropriate” occasion, or never take it out of the house because you are too scared of losing it. With the Preppy, though, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can carry it everywhere and use it for any occasion without hesitation.

The Preppy is known as the the best selling fountain pen in the world for its accessible price and solid quality. Certainly at this price, you can buy it without any hesitation.
This is a perfect item for first time fountain pen buyers or people looking for an everyday pen that they can take anywhere. If you fantasize of someday owning a really nice fountain pen, why not take your first step into the world of fountain pens with the Preppy?

icon-check People who have never used a fountain pen before.
icon-check People who want a daily pen that doesn’t require any fuss.
icon-check People who are looking for a reasonably priced fountain pen that is easy to use.



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