Let's make the original ink!

Original note can make shops in Kuramae, shops ink stand by kakimori that make the original ink September 6 next to Mr. Kakimori opened.
10689923_771728502866523_7643663992111802405_nWe are able to make the ink of their liking at the counter, but you select the three colors of the underlying first from 16 colors of ink.2色を1対1で混ぜ合わせた時のサンプルもあるので参考にすることができます。
1978832_771728516199855_7882053213652716809_nAnd I often mix the ink in the cup with a glass rod.
Mix was ink and Shihitsu attached to the glass pen.
Glass pen It is important to put the ink at the groove so has a structure in which Earn ink there is a groove in the pen tip.


Also you can adjust the color many times, let's put a voice to the staff because if you change the three colors of the basic for us to prepare a new cup.
I went formulated with the aim of orange color brighter. Work, which aims to color my ideals is fun in like science experiments.

Over a voice to the staff's When the blending ratio is determined, Have actually made the ink.
If it is OK with you ask them to blend into the staff to the final confirmation Have made as original ink (1 bottle 1620 yen (tax included) about 33ml) a.


Butter Cup 5 : Shoreline Gold 2 : Dakota Red 1
名付けて ”TAKUYA ORANGE 2014”です。(恥)


10606216_771728859533154_2019097242982271932_n『THREE DIAMONDS』の文字が!!!!!
Bank paper of Mitsubishi Paper Mills is a luxury writing paper that Japan is proud of, the old days still era the business of a bank is revolves around the book, that is not a PPC paper (ie copy paper) is mainstream, such as now, writing paper
(I have attention to detail seems Mr. Kakimori!)

^^ that story was little of it;
And Why are carried the leg you also to create the original ink to Kuramae?

※ The photograph received all permits, I was allowed to the shooting.

This Recommended to you!
And human well use a fountain pen


ink stand by kakimoriについて(カキモリさんのブログ参照)
For oyster Mori original roller ball (see blog by Kakimori)

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