When I bought a new stationery, such as a little exciting,
Have you became such a feeling?

In our daily life, and stationery in the commonplace way.

Stationery, or our lives us to a little convenient,
You can me a little to the efficient work,
Also you can me fun sometimes sober work and unpleasant work,
Can you also help to communicate with people around,
I think that it is such a tool.

We will continue to widely introduce the stationery that are essential to such everyday life in this site.
New discoveries and for those who read me, and I hope in the wake of facing the stationery.

In addition, comments and diffusion for articles are welcome.
We are happy if you can you a fun discussion.

Everyone writer, but we will continue to update the self-paced, thank you.

代表 兼 編集長 たかたく

About logo of "every day, stationery."


The symbol of the form that saw the pencil from the buttocks

Because in the future want to site to introduce also the stationery of Japan towards overseas,
The color I was in red brighter the image of a Japanese flag.

In addition, it was decided to accent tailored to design a part of the "sentence".

Designed by Chiaki Yasumi