Also to veteran's also rookie's "surprisingly notebook Basic of nobody tell me"


Teaching certificate for choosing, use the notebook

This book is not a book of "anyone can use notebook surgery!".
"Your life if Yare this great success definitely! In notebook" This is not a book will tell you something like.
It is a book that gives me tips for "to decide for yourself" how to select and use the notebook.
By Crispy my thinking a little bit, we will introduce the book contents.

For the choice of notebook

The to say to notebook department choose the perfect notebook to yourself from among the many there notebook is a pretty daunting task.
Buy liked the outside and "color is good cover" or the "good feeling that touched is", it is a common example of the failure of that the medium side to fail or difficult to use and start using, but when choosing a notebook
This manual is written to organize its "point to be sure check" in an easy-to-understand for beginners.
There is no longer scary thing if overlook the notebook department to organize the relationship the way of the notebook. There is no also misled by it.

I think that it even for veteran who has been crunchy take advantage of the notebook "Now the notebook really? The matches best for me" is an opportunity to think about now once.

How to use the notebook

For information on how to use the notebook to have been introduced are configured as "schedule management", "TODO list", "memo", "log", "management by objectives" in five parts, it has been carefully written just from basic in the base.
Master of Case Study of five notebook as advanced version has been introduced.
However, it comes out even in the text, but the use of a number of notebook that has been introduced in this book is not intended suit everyone.
It is recommended that you try are a wide variety in order to do so.

Sumaho corresponding worksheet does not maybe everyone do it. That's why there is worth doing.

This book comes with the last worksheet of each chapter.
To face with yourself can be the guidelines of notebook use of your own by filling out the worksheet.
The worksheet Not only are organized holding the point that it should fill, is excellent one can be confirmed at any time since the cloud corresponds smartphone.
However, I people personally to take advantage by completing this worksheet is thought to be small.
Politely that it is paradoxical, but everyone does not do it, or would not be important to do seriously.

At the end

Notebook is partner.
Encounter with the notebook is very similar to the encounter with the lover.
Using a notebook, in other words that mingle with notebook is very similar to making the lover and your relationship.
The difference is only, it is a place in that it "is transfer immediately different notebook must fit". (Oh scary)


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