Series | 2015 年 Choices notebook [vol.3 <sequel> "NUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebook" designer Ishikawa's interview

Previous articleIn was hot introduce "NUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebook". Was in charge here of design, designer of ABCs publicationIshikawa Akiko (Ishikawa Akiko) Mr.Is.

The original of this ABCs publication's cooperation, in Ishikawa-san "NUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebookI was interviewed talk about! "

Concept is "discover your favorite" 15 "!"

▲ "NUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebook" in hand, smile of Mr. Ishikawa

── Please tell me did you born this notebook first!

Ishikawa's:Next year in 2015, is "15 (strawberry) year", and that wanna create a notebook that's named after the 15, was born from a simple reason.

── but it is very nice notebook. Please tell us about the concept of this design.

Ishikawa's:Cover will have made to "discover your favorite" 15 "!" To the concept.

白地にいちごがキュートな「strawberry」▲ white background strawberry is cute in the "strawberry"

── certainly, I'm variation is rich.

Ishikawa's:While leaving cuteness even, so as not to be totally childlike, as can also be used for adults, fashionable! And I think I made. Specification stuck, you can have diagonally cut, is that it is easy turning.

▲ oblique cut is like this

── Within the cover, I especially like the wood grain leather cover type!

Ishikawa's:Grain type is I also have really liked, texture is both very good even color pattern of wood grain. So, "15" I've put a little bit in the emboss simple. Also I try to work with business and Men.

▲ of Ishikawa's Choices "kamonegi"
In chic shades, illustrations you are out good taste!

── What is Ishikawa-san is the most favorite cover?

Ishikawa's:It is "kamonegi".

than the "sell it", "making efficiently", was committed to "happily make!"

── Monthly page, please tell us a commitment or point of weekly page.

Ishikawa's:Squares of size, we are stuck in the ease of writing, but is that anyway come out everywhere everywhere, the character of the "15" is larger (laughs).

In ──, frankly, what is the most attractive of this notebook?

Ishikawa's:I wonder what .... Well, "sell!" Than it is called and "make efficiently!", And I guess is that it's notebook that try to "make fun!".

写真 2014-11-12 10 21 48▲ convenient and cute pledge memo

Ishikawa's:Perhaps compared to other's notebook, you have made with rice a lot of such things as are referred to as waste (laughs).

── really, commitment bonus page It is amazing!

Ishikawa's:That's right. I was packed with a bonus surrounding a lot of "15". For the purpose of this notebook, I had photographed looking every day "15" of personal belongings.

Overall bonus is a fun and surreal content (laughs).

写真 2014-11-12 10 21 17▲ in the company of the rumors became a good smell of strawberries page

"That Mr. Ishikawa was made sincerely enjoyNUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebook". Bonus page is really a must-see.

Notebook of detail report "Series | 2015 年 Choices notebook [vol.3 <Part>] perfect balance of design and ease of use. "NUMBER SCHEDULE BOOK / aka: Strawberry (15) notebook"Please see the "!

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