The long-awaited of erasable stamp appeared "friction stamp" ※ 12 month sale plan

Stamp utilizing friction ink from the familiar friction series is "disappear and rub" comes into play.
In the Kanto of some stores ahead of the released nationwide from December and we have to buy some so was limited pre-release is.

I have purchased in the prior release in which there are 48 types of Stipe,


09 surprised
29 Schools
32 dentist
10 OK
02 holiday


Properly I erasable

It is a commonplace that you can turn off and the application of heat by rubbing it because it uses the ink but friction.
Dedicated rubber to the buttocks of the stamp comes with so I'll rub there.
Of course you can erase even rubber dedicated eraser and friction ball-point pen.


You can fail Symbol, since it is possible to turn off even if the changes or planned It is recommended for notebook.
(However, note the need is? Because now very mixed feelings when you turn off the stamp of holiday schedule (laughs))
Just simply by pressing together a little Hanko than writing with a pen an appointment, it becomes mind schedule somehow became something special, will raise the little mood.

Where pen Similarly little ink of friction is thin will care, but I have to think positive and "strike-through difficult".


In addition, the ink is disposable because it is not supplemented formula.


One 120 yen is the impression that (tax) and Na cheap.
It is carelessly likely will collect the type as well pen.

Released nationwide from December

Released nationwide is that of to have been scheduled for December.
Type or pre-release as well 48 types of the, or types of reduced part, are rife are various rumors.
I officially announced I look forward to.
Please wait for a while. For non Kanto!

11Month the 23rd postscript
I released nationwide seems to have become 30 kinds. Since we have received a brochure to introduce the whole picture.

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· Notebook If you want to decorate the appointments and notes
· Clean those who want to press the stamp


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