More notebook is I'll love!

As we celebrate the New Year, it was replacement a new notebook to your notebook mini.
1010214_816633995042640_5256238908945223717_n (Article about their pocketbookClick here

Since the notebook such things anyway to carry always, was ordered together to take walking "is fashionable and is excited to fun notebook" cover of leather to be in Blanc Couture's.

Color was ordered customize the butterfly stopper like almost day pocketbook in chocolate.
10312495_816633931709313_1272969679753582639_nPen becomes a stopper by putting this customization, never open the flap and the notebook in the bag.
Also It is "killing two birds with one stone Customize" also serves as a pen holder.

Also good quality, but I arrived at hand of leather in about a week, I feel like are made securely by hand craftsmen.
2015Year I look forward to more and more.
10897781_816633915042648_5615611045298227918_n (1)Everyone Upon greet the New Year, why is your is made your notebook leather cover?
It seems there are some places who can make the order.

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-Lovers notebook
· Leather it is you like
· Next year to master the new notebook! Those who folded and set a target and


Blanc Couture
Their own pocketbook mini size leather notebook cover
[Customize Parts] butterfly penholder
(I size "(up to about 16mm diameter) large", Attaching was customized in the "inward". )

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