Almost like that there is a real ruler.

I've bought a masking tape of interesting patterns.
mt is ex bamboo ruler and mt ex ruler.
The official page of things down and has been featured as the major (in the online shop ruler) certainly will also feel like there was a major and ruler of this pattern.
It is a bamboo ruler feel Everyone is nostalgic if Japanese ones above.

Design of color and red dot is very nostalgic bamboo ruler itself.
I tried as compared to the actual bamboo ruler.

Both It is nostalgia atmosphere.
If then the opportunity to use the envelope at work and I would like to surprise the people of the other party using all means.

Well, I tried to measure actually a ruler this masking tape is almost exactly.
I tried to put in notebook with that. It seems to me been useful in an emergency.

This Recommended to you!
· People who want to use the fashionable tape different from the
- A little person who you want to surprise the opponent
If you have a work of design relationship
· If you have a manufacturing (seems convenient to put on a desk or a tool!)


mt ex bamboo ruler
mt ex ruler

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