I was glad to meet with you.

A little sober? But I will introduce the stationery that I'm asked to always help.
I am not good at binding contract. Always or skewed, with or become wrinkles had been or re-create anything books. That's when I met the is the binding tape of this Kokuyo.
This binding tape is a little chunky than what you had been using up to now.

In addition, since there is a break in the middle, not even diagonally is easy to also align.

It is a little exaggerated, but I have met with this binding tape, now really like it was a hate work.
It was good to meet with the binding tape.

Please try once it is binding agreement not good.
I think surely stress without binding can be.

This Recommended to you!
· Better weak binding of contract
- A lot better to binding contracts


Binding tape(For contract tally impression)Plain paper type 25mm × 10m (part number: T-F425N) | Kokuyo

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