※ [3rd gift planning] Exit ※ "<iiro | Iro> 2014 Winter Collection" a gift ♪ to 5 persons

[Gift planning 3rd] "<iiro | Iro> 2014 Winter Collection" a gift ♪ to 5 persons

10626477_811541155551924_4244984700783039510_nI was allowed to interview"Every day by all means, stationery readers to everyone.!" From Kobe school plan's and | I received a "<iiro Iro> 2014 Winter Collection"!
What! ! Also new color all color 5 color × 2 pattern! Thanks you!
"Every day, stationery." In that I think would like to give everyone a share that you see here the!
Please join us!

iiro isThis is a note that was to the enjoy the color concept.
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<Prizes Contents>
<Iiro | イ ー ロ> 2014 Winter Collection 2 冊
(Please leave color and combinations here.)

<Winning number>
5Name like

<Campaign application period>
2015On January 15 (wood) - January 30 (Gold) 24:00

<Applied Application method>
[Daily, stationery. Please refer to the RT to [murmur of gift planning] the official follow on twitter].
(※ comment is also happy and enjoy ^^)

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<Campaign Qualifications>
The person who lives in Japan.

<Lottery-winners announced>
On the strict lottery, the winner will be happy to send you a direct message on twitter than the official account.
If you do not get any chance contact will be invalid the winning.
Prize shipping is, we plan to around February 2015.

<Other Notes>
※ addressee of prizes, you will be limited to Japan.
※ The contents of this campaign might be subject to change without notice.
(I think it is that there is no unless things defintely but.)
※ personal information that we have received for shipment will be available only to the shipping of prizes.

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