Interview | feelings that have been put in the "zing and was" to create a stationery "Kobe School Plan"

"Many of the fountain pen fan was surprised at the writing comfortGRAPHILO (Lomography b)", Colorful notebook"iiro (イ ー ロ)"Qin also mysterious notes of pure white borders"CIRO (White)"Etc., there is a stationery brand that has created the stationery with excellent no personality and design ever. Its name is "Kobe school planIs ".


As the name brand in Kobe headquartered "Kobe School Plan" was originally operated by Yamato Publishing Printing Co., Ltd. engaged in the printing industry in the local.

Such are you supporting the "Kobe School Plan", it had been active as a business in Yamato Publishing Printing Co., Ltd.Tada Satoshi. Tada san Hissage the "Kobe School Plan" item in all alone, advance to the metropolitan area. And I have been busy trying to spread the day-to-day "Kobe School Plan".

This time "every day, stationery." So, I've heard your thoughts and future prospects of rice to Tada-san to "Kobe School Plan".

"There sticking things" is I've noticed that being sought

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── First of all, please tell me the opportunity of "Kobe School Plan" birth.

Tada-san:From before you start the "Kobe School Plan" at our company, it was making a diary or calendar to be handed in New Year greetings to customers.

To them, may be asked your voice cliff that "when I sold it to make paper products?" From customers who have the manufacturing, it became an opportunity to challenge the product development for the general consumer.

── Do I first made what product?

Tada-san:The first product, is a printed note on it using "typography" which was not also become a topic at that time.



...... and thought again what is aims, I ended up here

── Please tell us a commitment and features about the product of "Kobe School Plan".

Tada-san:"Kobe School Plan" previous product planning and development for was going to center employees, was apt to be things that he was caught in the general printing concept of.

Under such circumstances, it was decided to consider the "what whether the aims" again.

In to continue to organize the concept and direction of the goods along with the designer, we have seen things gradually aims of us. It is, now of "Kobe School Plan" "Decorated not""Was not likely""UnisexAnd I was part of. "

Said this is in Kobe a "sophisticated intellectual appearance" and "I was zing"And I have to express.

── I think you commitment to the production process.

Tada-san:Okay. The goods one by one craftsman has manufactured wholeheartedly, we are making that take advantage of the texture of the material.

── Tada-san now, was to ask you to be open for business activities and various other business of "Kobe School Plan" all alone in Tokyo to jump out Kobe.

Tada-san:That's right.

On the other hand, there was also a time that I myself was thinking and want to challenge new things and taking advantage of the previous experience.

── or will do is actually what activities now.

Tada-san:check memo "to foldorissi"Of or white borders"CIRO", For the fountain pen Nuranura faction"GRAPHILO"Etc., it was not likely until now, to create a yet" Kobe school plan "seems" to obtain a zing "products, we are working to get to know it a lot of people.

It has participated actively also to events that people of like stationery gather.

I'm was so ──.

Tada-san:Taking advantage of know-how of making things that are cultivated through printing, we also wanted to try to aggressively challenge in the field of non-different paper products and ever!

── Thank you!

This time, we received a new color of the note "iiro (Iro)" to enjoy the color of the "Kobe School Plan" from Tada-san! Here you will be later to share with you in the gift planning, so please stay tuned!

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Kobe school plan

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Note that fountain pen is pleased "GRAPHILO memo block"
Jagged and <fold> only! With check tab memo "orissi (Orisshi~i)"

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