I have favorite '25.

I use as commonplace of more than 25 years.

It was a familiar radar of SEED in blue case Speaking from the time you have with discretion and eraser.


My father had been the work of design in civil engineering and construction relationship has been the favorite, always there was this eraser in the house.
Since were using radar as obvious from a young age I remember was surprised while elementary school students in With bad eraser that erases comfort of the poor.

Those recently erases comfort is less light things and off scraps, also like the idea eraser stuck in various forms, such as Kadokeshi, although there are a lot of new eraser, I am radar ray.

SEED is "erase" stationery manufacturer of Pioneer

Well, do you know a company called SEED?
Because it is Kansai company might be too thin familiar to those of Kanto, but I'm actually a funny company quite by Innovative.

Now the world of eraser but mostly in plastic eraser, was released ahead of this plastic eraser in the world is this SEED.
When another add, it is SEED also had made the world's first "correction tape" as a product that had a major impact on the world of stationery market.
Where SEED is amazing is I think I would have to open the patent even if the correction tape Even in this plastic eraser.

's Eraser MONO of Tombow also is famous, but in fact MONO has been manufactured in SEED OEM of (※).
(To produce a product that is sold in the destination brand was ordered production ※)


The secret was located on the side of the eraser to say is why know it's OEM.


Look good and to either of eraser there is a mark that is written, "Nippon shaped consumption Industry Association".
This has become a mark to prove that in the mark to say that clean mark represents a "safety", "quality" of the eraser, is a product that has cleared the criteria Nippon shaped consumption industry established by the Board.

Number of clean mark is a unique number that indicates the Japan-shaped consumption industrial aye members. In other words, it means that it represents the manufacturer that manufactured the accompanying product.
In addition, a unique number list is as follows.
01Ltd. seed
02Co., Ltd. amine
06Hinodewashi Co., Ltd.
07Ltd. Yajima
10Ltd. Yamayasu
11Rabbit Co., Ltd.
13Pentel Co., Ltd.

Try again look at the MONO and radar and ...
Because there you are marked "01" to represent the SEED company you can see that the MONO even if SEED are making.

MONO also is eraser that is loved by many people but, poppy comfort is very similar and radar.
Or contents will to Dattari together?

Please try by all means once radar also tried it is never tried.
It is well disappear easy-to-use eraser to simple but I think that you can feel the history that continues to sell long from the launch of 1968.

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Radar | SEED

Need eraser, anything it can be seen of the seed virtual "eraser Museum"

※ 2014 年 11 月 15 at 22:55I have added a description of clean mark of updating Japan shaped consumption Industry Association.

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