Jagged and <fold> only! With check tab memo "orissi (Orisshi~i)"

写真 2014-09-24 8 28 49Colorful, here Notepad form jagged with, which was little changed on the left side.<Fold> check memo "orissi (Orisshi~i)"Is.

"Orissi" breakthrough check memo

写真 2014-09-24 8 33 19Until write the task in the memo, the same as the ordinary memo. But, how to check the finished task is I breakthrough.

Since the left-hand side of the jagged corresponds to the first row and the first row of the border, if the line of task is completeI fold the jagged back sideOnly.

写真 2014-09-24 8 34 29 (1)You can either check without one by one remove the pen, you can see the intuitive see whether package which tasks have been completed.

写真 2014-09-24 8 35 58

Backside has become like this.

Color is also cute, individualistic Notepad




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orissi(オリッシィ) | Kobe school plan

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