The cute and delicious ... But just fine stationery!

It is a sudden, but I love macaroons. At one time, to buy a macaroon and is carrying a foot every week to department store basement, it is enough to have been recorded for taste and texture (laughs).
写真 2014-09-26 10 47 46 (1)And from such of macaroons love is my, of macaroons motif goods I also love. Of course, this "Macaroon design clip"Also I bought the moment you find.

Clip like like a real macaroons

It looks just like a macaroon, It is very delicious, but here respectableClipIs. In the macaroon type of case, a small macaroons clip contains a lot.

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Hasameru about 10 pieces and the number of paper's ordinary copy paper. The recess and sandwiched so as to slide the paper.

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is somewhat loosely number is that it 2-3 sheets caught that sandwich, you might fall out paper with a little shock. 4 ~ and I about seven and is just right. Since not intended to clip part is spread, but please be careful not to spread by force.

In no cute Even clip!

Charm of this clip anywayCuteThing. You think some people referred to as "clip how should I put it not it should I Hasamere", but those serving girl, clip one very "cute" thing is I'm important (laughs).

Since I as will collaboration thing I love 2 of "stationery × macaroons", it does not collect anymore really ...!

Also the name of the color variations, "Strawberry" and "pistachio", "lemon", the taste of macaroons, such as "Mocha" image.

By the way, "lemon" Those who thing is cute yellow than the photo for publicity.

It is perfect for when you want a little gift to girl cute stationery.

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