And like dying cat! Cute cat pattern masking tape in real

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Is my favorite big cat was found in a small bookstore Jinbocho todayMasking tape of cat patternMe will introduce.
Because it was drawn with a delicate touch cat was looking at here, stationery lovers and cat lover I was I have to immediately purchase ... (laughs).

10Kind of expressive cats are

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Illustration of 10 different cats on the tape is drawn in a single color, this is very cute.

By the way, is similar to most cats that are kept in the Uchiha, It is this child! (Laughs)

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Rather than the common of deformed cats illustrations, is a good place to that illustrations grabbing the feature of cat quite real. In particular texture of beard ......! ! !





And Speaking of Holbein, Toka Toka paint brush, anyway image of Gazai-ya's.


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