Which is good?

New Year which had been spent slowly and homecoming in the country.
Well, I will introduce because my parents were using a very interesting Poti bag in lottery.
It looks retro Trump itself.
But, we are firmly become bag.

10906582_822423234463716_2914250174051575880_nAnd to any? It is likely Poti bag choose a.
Is pounding If there is a difference in the contents and ^^;

Use colors like burnt a little, and Zaratto the texture is also nice.
It is also might be a good idea to concealed in a notebook to put If thousand-yen bill at the time of the.

In addition, manufacturers are different, but you can use fashionable and jerk there is a sense of unity as to the message card and envelope in conjunction with the notes in the motif Trump ^^
Lottery is it likely Pochi bag can also be used for everyday use as well.

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