Make the stationery of whereabouts in desk "Kamutore of CAMBRO"


There is whereabouts of stationery.

When you place the tray for stationery on the desk, there becomes the whereabouts of stationery, you will not mess up.
Issues a stationery to use at the beginning of the day on the tray, to return to When you are finished using tray. Accommodating to pull it out or put in a pen case at the end of the day.
You can this when making the rules gone to stationery somewhere or messy, no longer to be called or not can use immediately to hidden under the paper.

Recommended of CAMBRO tray

10450867_803934606312579_8929767455599549706_nI have patronized the tray of CAMBRO (Kyanburo) is also at home in the company.
You do CAMBRO you know?

Product of CAMBRO Since its establishment in 1951's, food service as an industry standard around the world restaurant, hotel, has been used in such public facilities.
Lean design and safety in the simple, is a brand that combines the durability.

Tray of CAMBRO is made by kneading the fiber in a special production method, it is I am directing a rustic nice texture.
This unique texture can not seem to make quite in other manufacturers.
10848036_803934626312577_575060624091270991_nI recommend the tray of CAMBRO in terms of design and durability.
Please look for your favorite color because color is also rich.
In addition, I use a red tray, but it is very good and noticeable even on top of the desk.

I think that many come also who is the first time knew the CAMBRO, but in fact there may be a thing everyone it is to hand once unconsciously.
Actually Starbucks tray'm Made CAMBRO Corporation.
(It does not Zonjiage do all over the world likely. I'm sorry.)
Please by all means try to check also Starbucks tray now.

This Recommended to you!
· Always those who stationery resulting in messy at desk


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