Notice | We will hold a Twitter project [# Stationery at home]!,,ja,2nd,,zh-CN(第2回)

The government has issued various self-control requests. Still, it's boring to stay at home all the time.,,ja,That's it! Every day, stationery. Wants to hold a stationery exchange event on Twitter.,,ja,hashtag 【,,ja,Stationery at home,,ja,Let's talk about stationery!,,ja

ハッシュタグ 【 #おうちで文房具 】で文房具についてお話しましょう!

第2回 #おうちで文房具

開催日時:2020年4月22日 20:00〜
参加方法:Twitter上でハッシュタグ 【 #おうちで文房具 】をつけてつぶやきを投稿

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– No stationery, No life. Every day, stationery. -