Buying and cute houses the usual MONO "MONO box",ja


Always "I want to buying in larger amounts because they use all the time." From people who know and love the always unchanged MONO has requested that, were housed in the pull-out of the paper box of this time the familiar blue-black-and-white design, 18 12pcs buying pack has been released.,ja

Trade name is fittingly "MONO box". Slightly smaller size of MONO eraser (PE,,ja,A / unit price 60 yen) has 18 entered.,,ja,Perfect for people who often use the eraser "MONO box". Not only perfect for the buying, is also recommended in the event of prizes and gifts.,,ja,People who use a lot of eraser,,ja-01A/単価60円)が18個入っています。

消しゴムをよく使う人にぴったりな「MONO box」。まとめ買いにぴったりなだけでなく、イベントの景品やプレゼントにもおすすめです。

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MONO box|トンボ鉛筆

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