A new use for masking tape! Original seal is easily able to create "Masurie"

I'm sure one if women have,Masking tape. Be carried out where recently have sold the Masute of a variety of patterns, I think you would be catapult, several buy. But to buy I think that people are often embarrassed to Tsukaimichi although seen.,ja

The masking tape that is not able to take advantage of such, the items that are to be transformed into the original seal in the coloring sense "MasurieIs ".

Masute is to seal in the "Masurie"! ?

What you need is the "Masurie" favorite pattern, have to have masking tape, cutter, cutter mat. If there is also a pair of scissors, it is useful when you turn off the Masute.

First, carefully remove the parts that use of a transparent mount,

Once you put your favorite masking tape,

Cut with a cutter along the black border, it is ready to peel off the extra Masute.

Complex patterns, such as the photo below, while re-paste several times masking tape, we will cut. Be combined Masute of different some pattern will be cute.

Because the black borders are a little plump, it recommended to go off while it to the guide. At first it may be difficult, but you come to cut cleanly and get used to. Moreover, since the masking tape, because you can reapply the peel if it fails, it is safe.,ja

The down comes with a mount, it has become like this seal.

This time I tried to paste it in a small glass bottle. Letter "M" in the middle, the result of printing on a transparent tape "Tepura". Combined with further likely to spread the use!

Masute is used, originality can also exert!,ja

Charm of "Masurie" is, where you can take advantage of the fully the masking tape that was not used to this. In addition, where to use the Masute of any color and patterns in each person. Combination because it is infinite, you can make is one of the highly original seal in the world.,ja

Even got a gap was cut if it deviates from the little frame, it looks it is nice and cute is to taste.,ja

A lot of line-up of the handle! Cute animal pattern "animal" and, such as "Tea Time", which also contains Suites pattern, is a 12-types just are aligned favorite motif girl. I have stuck to the bottle above are those that contain the kind of "frame".,ja

The original item stuck on favorite products

I made a seal of pen and ink bottle contained in "stationery", it has been put in the computer's favorite.

Even in the same personal computer with everyone, we put put casually only in love ♪ I myself is glad to feel that became the original item colors and favorite motif put a "Masurie". That the border is a little three-dimensional a shiny, I feel that is further up the cuteness.,ja

We put another one month or more, but peeling and will it remain beautiful without. I'm sure cute stuck on notebook cover and carrying case.,ja

Besides, even the idea to the surface to accessories coated with UV resin ......! In addition to use as a seal it is likely to be very versatile.,ja

Anyone who "do not use do But cute Masute a lot ......" is, Please give to Omoikkiri utilized in immediately "Masurie"!

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