3 roles in one! Enjoy the crayons, colored pencil, watercolor "woody 3in1",,ja,3 roles in one! Enjoy the crayons, colored pencil, watercolor "woody 3i ..,,ja

When you draw a picture, I want to draw a tool to be exciting. Some for the stationery and art supplies kids, there are a lot of products that enjoy using the adult.,,ja,This time, I will introduce the German stationery manufacturers, STABILO's kids colored pencil "woody 3in1".,,ja

今回はドイツの文房具メーカー、STABILO社のキッズ向け色鉛筆「woody 3in1」を紹介します。

Safety and security design, which was developed in kids,,ja,Hazardous substance does not contain any for this product. In a size tailored to the hands of kids, thick axis of the overall length 110mm, consists of a thick core of the core diameter 10mm.,,ja


Even with the adult, it is very pleasant to draw comfort. I have felt the warmth of wood to one you have.,,ja,Woody 18 colors set of packages. It is written, "it takes wipe also drawn to the glass.",,ja

ウッディー 18色セットのパッケージ。「ガラスに描いても拭きとれるよ」と書いてあります。

The woody 18-color set comes with a sharpener and brush. It is also fashionable one by one of the design.,,ja,Arranging a pencil of normal size, you can see the thickness. You can cut a dedicated sharpener.,,ja,Three functions in one,,ja



The biggest feature, it is watercolor multi pencil.,,ja,Colored pencils with a single, watercolor pencils, has three functions of crayons. Core of color is not too soft, exquisite balance of not too hard.,,ja

1本で色鉛筆、水彩色鉛筆、クレヨンの3つの機能を持っています。 色の芯は柔らかすぎない、硬すぎないの絶妙のバランスです。

From drawing big time, and out of the pale felt by tracing with a brush wearing the water, such as a cut from the top more and more painted the color on top, you can play while come up.,,ja,In general plain notebook, we have used as a crayon example.,,ja


Over the wavy line, When I traced with a brush that with the water, now atmosphere such as watercolor.,,ja,Tracing with a brush the woody core, it gave a color to construction paper example. It can also be used as a watercolor.,,ja,Rapidly spread representation,,ja



The product package, because there is a description that can draw in black paper and glass, I tried to do.,,ja,Good color even on a black paper, you will see each of the color. It is also good to black stationery and envelopes of decoration.,,ja


One of Woody use techniques that have been introduced at the site of the "woody 3in1", I tried to do the flow Taju technique (out rubbing).,ja

Laid the foreign coins under the notebook, it is an example of tried rubbed with Woody from above. The also might be interesting try out rubbing the plant, such as leaves.,,ja,Appearance pop, functionality do a roles one 3, the feeling of wood that fit in the hand.,,ja


The heart of stationery fan of adults as well as kids also will be moved.,,ja,I want to enjoy the Iroina techniques to match your mood.,,ja,If you want to draw fun pictures, please by all means try to take in hand.,,ja,If you like pop stationery,,ja,If you want to your drawing with children,,ja,woody 3in1,,en



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