Premium stationery Day [gift planning] in the end of the month Friday stationery shop

PREMIUM FRIDAY (premium Friday) is, "the end of the month Friday, a little rich." It is rich in to go exercise Friday at the end of the month under the slogan.

"Every day, stationery." In the "Friday of the end of the month premium stationery Day at the stationery store" will hold a campaign to liven up the premium Friday and stationery industry under the slogan.

<Prizes Contents>

". Every day, stationery" original sticker (not for sale): 1 sheet

<Winning number>

<Campaign application period>
2017On February 24 (gold) 0:00〜23:59

<Applied Application method>
[Every day, stationery. After you follow the official twitter], with the hash tag [# premium stationery Day], please Tweet stationery purchased.

Every day, stationery. Official twitter

<Lottery-winners announced>
On the strict lottery, the winner will be happy to send you a direct message on twitter than the official account.
Prize shipping is, we have planned around 2017 the end of March.

<Other Notes>
※ addressee of prizes, you will be limited to Japan.
※ The contents of this campaign might be subject to change without notice.
※ personal information that we have received for shipment will be available only to the shipping of prizes.

キャンペーンに関するお問い合わせは「Contact us"Until


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– No Stationery, No life. 毎日、文房具。–– No Stationery, No life. Every day, stationery. -