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PREMIUM FRIDAY (premium Friday) is, "the end of the month Friday, a little rich." It is rich in to go exercise Friday at the end of the month under the slogan.


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Every day, stationery. Official twitter をフォロー!

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ハッシュタグ【 #プレミアム文房具デー 】を付けて、購入した文房具をツイートしてください。

<Lottery-winners announced>
On the strict lottery, the winner will be happy to send you a direct message on twitter than the official account.

<Other Notes>
※ addressee of prizes, you will be limited to Japan.
※ The contents of this campaign might be subject to change without notice.
※ personal information that we have received for shipment will be available only to the shipping of prizes.

キャンペーンに関するお問い合わせは「Contact us"Until


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