I can also be used in vertical well in 2015 Choices notebook [vol.2] horizontal | series!? "Brownie notebook"

Maki basis in 2015 jewel notebook, the second book "Brownie notebookIs ". Here also sounds pretty famous notebook is between Mr. favorite notebook!
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Even in vertical to horizontal, it becomes fodder?

2009Six months was born in the year fascicle diary was the biggest feature of "six months notebook" "Design that can be used even in the vertical to horizontalWas born and inherited the "is, is this" brownie notebook ". Size A6, cover color, easy-to-use black and Nordic calm orange, such as nine.

Because I think many people are wondering that "feels that? You have to vertical to horizontal", here we will introduce how to use only a little.

Weekly page imagination is aroused

"Brownie notebook" is made up of the "Monthly" classic format of "Weekly", and "annual schedule", "One year Project", with a total of four types of format.

Among them, the most main in it would use format, it also becomes vertical in this horizontal "Weekly".

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Here in December first week of page.

Weekly I do not actually are still get started because from November 2014 last week, while I think "Do not say it if you can use in this image", I tried writing to the trial.

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In the notebook to vertical, try using.

And the far right is the horizontal direction (normal direction) Turn crazy and notebook, I wrote such as private appointments. Of course, it is also I think good to use on the vertical axis vertical wind in the horizontal direction.

Also enhance ♪ grid memo page

(Enhance and page 22) Weekly page and at the end of this memo page in the grid not too dark, even gentle cream shades of paper.

Paper or book in bonus page, size and weight, such as business cards, and information such as the golden ratio.

A6 looks good to also carry smaller size of size.

In horizontal, in the vertical, it is fun to think that the "How to use it?" And "Brownie notebook". If you do not have enough tired of ordinary notebook format is try using here to invite you.

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