Exactly what I draw a white line.

This, Do you know somehow?
10559875_818054604900579_3661016425740274809_n Yes, it is the array to pull the line to the playground.

You have been spotted in the Japan Mini but ...
10885235_818054581567248_6100220010549514579_nWhere this out is if the original powder is ...
10897777_818054551567251_7990772795197173072_nAnd Paka~tsuCorrection tape comes out

To just draw a white line
10897132_818054538233919_3969800830554919496_nYou can erase the character!
10888939_818054491567257_7666068150201462800_nActually it is red I wanted, whether or bad luck? I reserve the gold.
Please try challenge Once everyone find ^^ b

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• Character If you want to erase the interesting


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