To your hobby dedicated notebook! Loft original log book "Wanado~u!!Notebook "

Speaking of "notebook", a lot of people I think not to imagine that it is a tool for "schedule management". But, to introduce this "Wanado~u!!Notebook"It is little different.

"Wanado~u!!What notebook "?

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"Wanado~u!!Notebook "is, the familiar" Loft (loft) ", is a notebook series that was released by development with 枻出 version and Marks. "I make a book of your own"Is" Wanado~u!!The best part of the notebook. " Rather than a notebook for schedule management and task management, and I a notebook to continue to record the experience of day-to-day hobby.

Pinpoint is new.



In addition, the cover and page design of medium varies each, can be put to leave by finely record the experience on the hobby with "log page", it is and happy "knowledge Page" also has been enhanced.

Since the notebook on the current 35 kinds of hobbies are sold, what most people do not than find the notebook that matches their hobby.

With that said, I love as much as "museum" and stationery tried to buy a "17 Museum" from the 35 types.


Cover has a bezel cover of photos tailored to each notebook theme.

When you remove the cover will be on the cover of simple kraft paper. It is good to accented with such masking tape.


Since the first of the notebook there is a reference page of writing, let's leave the log to reference.


Log page of "17 museum" has become a specification to record one of the exhibitions in 4 page. Space is the first two pages to record exhibition name and visited date, such as favorite exhibit best 3.


The next two pages is a free space of most grid.

That is why, I was also held in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum "Uffizi Gallery ExhibitionThe impressions of "it tried wrote.

space is quite plenty to write.

Because there is considerable space, if not good to fill the space handwriting I might feel slightly burden?

In addition, there is some reason also the page of "wish list" to just per the middle of the notebook, I was so definitive Write down the exhibition you want to go in future.

But instead of "plan to" and "referred to as" notebook

"Every day, stationery." It was in the one that uses the "notebook" to schedule management, "PlanI have been classified into categories. " But this "Wanado~u!!Notebook "Like when say either to as" note memo ""NoteI felt Na are classified as ". It is like a diary and to speak.

What such comments and reading record that went to the museum, which do not Utsuse to even quite act thought to be "I want make a note." At that time "Wanado~u!!If there is a notebook ", it will be a motivation to leave the log. It is further deepen likely also in the wake of the hobby!

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