My minimum memo tool

I'm often opportunities to take notes during the work.
To mainly active you or was sticky and notebook or notebook, and it is put on top of the desk, but ... at the time of the empty-handed when you off guard sometimes

Been suffering suddenly a phone call from someone ...
Floating down the God of ideas ...
Taken together with the president in the elevator ... (?)

Note will be or become necessary.

Because to say whether not have always carry a notebook and pen case, I will not carry a minimum notes tool.
10625095_812821578757215_7731365999883400150_n This memo tool is composed of the following four points.

Freedom メ イ イ ① Toray Silicone | Beahouse
10612915_812824915423548_2513240516329769344_n②minimo | Ohto
10882365_812822158757157_147459464320233906_n③ here sticky card | Kanmi-do
10885063_812821672090539_2004649803532387416_n④ information card section business card size 100 pieces C-212 | collect

Since very slim even put it in the inside pocket of suit suit does not lose its shape.
It also allows you to go out together not in luggage when private and go out empty-handed.

This Recommended to you!
• All those who want to work
· Always those who are seeking ideas
Memo person that it by hand rather than smartphone


Silicone イ メ イ freedom Ritz | Beahouse
minimum | Ohto
Information card section business card size 100 pieces C-212 | collect

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