Notice | For a limited time at the stationery café "Neko stationery" collaboration event is being held,,ja,During the period from Thursday, March 22 to Sunday, March 11, Omotesando,,ja,At the limited time event ",,ja,"Cat and stationery" and "Masutaichi cat stationery",,ja,"Is underway.,,ja

2月22日(木)~3月11日(日)の期間中、表参道のStationery cafeにて期間限定イベント『「猫と文房具」と「まいにち ねこ文具」』が開催中です。

Besides stationery cafe project "cat and stationery" goods, cat eleven stationary items selected by Maki of stationery planner / (Makiko Fukushima) are arranged line by line, and special menu ",,ja,Stationery parfait - Bunraku no Mikaken cat version -,,ja文房具パフェ~文豪の三毛猫ヴァージョン~You can enjoy.,,ja,Also, on March 2 (Friday) special events,,ja,"Neko gathering that loves cats stationery",,ja,It will be held.,,ja,March 2 (gold),,zh-CN,【Participation Fee】,,zh-TW,2500 yen per person (One drink, meal, cat desert, cat catwalks with petit souvenirs) ※ Payment on the day,,ja,【Belongings】,,ja



Stationery cafe

Favorite cat stationery,,ja,By all means,,ja,This page,,ja,Please apply after joining from!,,ja,"Cat and stationery" and "Masutaichi cat stationery" | stationery cafe,,ja,Cat and stationery,,ja,parfait,,ja,| Pouch Bag "Castella ...,,ja



「猫と文房具」と「まいにち ねこ文具」|文房具カフェ

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– No stationery, No life. Every day, stationery. -

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