There are encounters for the number of turns. "The city's stationery shop I want to go to Tokyo purposely",,ja,Hello. I love to go around the stationery shop.,,ja,Why do you dare to visit a stationery shop in a time when everything is ready on the Internet?,,ja

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Is that because there is still an “encounter” at the storefront?,,ja,The stationery shop is lined with products unique to that shop.,,ja

In order to meet the needs of many visitors to the stationery store, it is necessary to put a lot of stationery. Although it is natural, the display space is limited.,ja
It's just because the stationery shop "selects and displays things" in a limited space, so the shop's commitment and personality are born in that place.,,ja,It is fun to meet that commitment and personality and I am visiting a stationery shop.,,ja


In a sense, this is something that can not be easily obtained from online shopping with infinite display space.,,ja,Well, the introduction has become long.,,ja


スケッチトラベラー(旅日記作家)、イラストレーター、自由大学の「スケッチジャーナル学」の講師であり、そして「毎日、文房具。」のライターでもあるハヤテノコウジが「東京 わざわざ行きたい 街の文具屋さん」を執筆しました。



You can find out about the stationery shop in the same way as looking through his illustration notebook.,,ja,It is sure that it will lead to the discovery that "this stationery shop was in this area I often visit!",,ja,Why don't you visit a stationery shop in Tokyo with this book?,,ja


I think there will be new encounters waiting for you there.,,ja,People who like a stationery shop,,ja,People who always buy stationery on the internet,,ja,Tokyo's purpose of going city stationery shop | G. B Inc.,,ja,There are encounters for the number of turns. "The statement of the city I want to go to Tokyo purpose.,,ja

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東京 わざわざ行きたい 街の文具屋さん|株式会社G.B.

– No stationery, No life. Every day, stationery. -