[Gift planning 5th] Plants memo "TAGGED" to 3 people and gift ♪


[Gift planning 5th] Plants memo "TAGGED" to 3 people and gift ♪

10850148_841121659260540_1903997696055552118_nPlants memo "TAGGED", "every day, stationery." From produced have been HI MOJIMOJI like a using a wash paper has received a sample gift for readers of!
ということで「毎日、文房具。」をご覧いただいているみなさんとシェアをさせていただきたいと思います! ぜひご参加ください!

毎日、文房具。の記事はClick here

<Prizes Contents>
"TAGGED (sample) × 2" ... 3 persons (combination Please leave)

10492611_841121559260550_9072727172266336595_n(※ usually is 3 pieces and has become but one pieces for the sample.)

<Winning number>
3Name like

<Campaign application period>
2015On February 16 (March) - February 28 (Sat) 24:00

<Applied Application method>
【毎日、文房具。公式twitterのフォロー】と【プレゼント企画のつぶやき】にRTをしてください。 (※コメントもいただけると嬉しいです^^)
Tweet of gift planning →★ ★ here

<Campaign Qualifications>
The person who lives in Japan.

<Lottery-winners announced>
On the strict lottery, the winner will be happy to send you a direct message on twitter than the official account.
If you do not get any chance contact will be invalid the winning.

<Other Notes>
※ addressee of prizes, you will be limited to Japan.
※ The contents of this campaign might be subject to change without notice. (I think it is that there is no unless things defintely but.)
※ personal information that we have received for shipment will be available only to the shipping of prizes.

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