What is Japanese stationery?

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My name is Takuya Takahashi.
我是网络杂志的主编,,en,,介绍文具,,en,我们的特点,我们在我们的日常生活中使用的信纸,,en,我们的副标题是,,en,为字幕表达,,en,我可以不考虑没有文具生活,,en,我们的使命是与世界分享文具的吸引力,,en,日本的文具非常出色,,en,这是非常高的质量和,,en,日本文具与非常注重细节作出,,en,所以你不必担心对有缺陷的产品浪费你的钱,,en,一个设计独特,,en,日本文具拥有比其他国家的文具,其突出的设计,,en,它的设计往往是其功能的延伸,,en,它的美是很受欢迎的人负责,,en,这是最适合作为礼物,,en,他们中许多人的低价,虽然他们的高品质,,en “每天,文具等。(mainichi-bunbougu)” that introduces stationery.

“每天,文具等。” means “Everyday Stationery” in Japanese.
We feature the stationery which we use in our daily lives.

Our subtitle is “No stationery,No life.”
I like stationery very much, as the subtitle expresses. I cannot consider a life without stationery.

Our mission is to share the appeal of stationery with the world.

I like Japanese stationery very much.
Japanese stationery is excellent.

It is very high-quality and, its quality is uniform.

Japanese stationery is made with great attention to detail.
So, It is very dependable and always works perfectly.

The high quality is uniform, so you do not have to worry about wasting your money on defective products.

A design is unique.

Japanese stationery possesses the design which stands out compared to stationery from other countries.

Its design is often an extension of its function.

Its beauty is very popular with people oversees, too.

It’s most suitable as a gift.

Many of them are low-priced though they’re of high quality.

We are happy to have a staff member join us from America to help us translate select articles into English.

I hope we can help you learn about this wonderful world of Japanese stationery!

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takataku_sign-1The chief editor Takuya Takahashi

– No Stationery, No life. 毎日、文房具。– - 无信纸, 没有生活。每天,文具等。 -