BOOKMARKS can be seen in the immediately "read up to here" "last line"


Can you remember until the read location

When you are reading a book, the last of the line "I read up to here", is BOOKMARKS exactly what can point to the last line.
P7284013-450x337Like this.

A big success in notebook or laptop not this only

It is a simple mechanism of only sandwich the page, but thin because actually handy also for notes and diaries as book darts.
You can show the page you have finished writing the'm here's, this month you can show the'm Here it.
P7284016-450x337I Monthly page of notebook has across the last line as soon open.

There are other two types of design.
The Ya that was the shape of a finger.
31qwSLLMXkL._SL160_Arrow also.
41--weDizDL._SL160_Reasonable price one 150 yen and (tax not included).
Since colorful and fashionable, it is also recommended for the present(^^)

This Recommended to you!
• The well-read person the
· Notebook and a person who use every day notes
Woven is direction and looking for a little gift


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