Stylish greeting cards using the shavings of the pencil "pencil shaving Card",,ja,On April 10,,zh-CN



So, this "pencil shaving card" was subjected to a design using very well shavings of a pencil, is very stylish greeting cards.,ja

This card British designer, Ruth Jackson is engaged in. In fact, it is so the floated the idea was born at the opportunity when's 8-year-old son saw a pile of shavings of pencil that created on top of the table.,,ja,All are made of handmade.,,ja


Stylish and there is a warmth, and there is also a little playful greeting cards. Why not look at using the time to deliver a special message?,,ja,It is perfect for small children-friendly.,,ja,People who want to use a stylish greeting cards,,ja

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icon-check おしゃれなグリーティングカードを使いたい人
icon-check People who want to use a different greeting card is a person,,ja,People who like pencil,,ja,Pencil shaving card (Pencil Shavings Cards) | Ruth Jackson,,ja
icon-check 鉛筆が好きな人


ペンシルシェービングカード(Pencil Shavings Cards)|Ruth Jackson

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